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About Us

MECOBAT: Management des Etudes et COnception du BATiment is an Integrated Construction and Civil Engineering Company.
Our multidisciplinary skills across a range of areas ensure that our projects are successful,
as we are able to provide appropriate, durable solutions.


  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Multidisciplinary Design
  • Construction economics
  • BIM

Rocco Ferreri


The Founder of MECOBAT, Rocco Ferreri was born in Vercelli in Piedmont, Italy. He graduated in Civil Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino in 2002. In the final two years of his degree course, he specialized in construction and infrastructures at the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris and contributed to the international project Modex-Rep with an experimental and practical thesis in Rock Mechanics.

Given his passion for research, his curiosity for general physics, and his aptitude for applying theory to practical activity, Rocco Ferreri embarked upon a career in engineering without hesitation. He founded MECOBAT in 2008.


The ethos of MECOBAT – which stands for ‘Management des Etudes et COnception du BATiment’ – embraces practical thinking, commitment to functional and technical/financial objectives, and simple design choices to solve complex problems.
In a sector with competencies as fragmented as construction, design has the role and responsibility to match resources to the input data, providing not only ideas but implementation criteria too; it must anticipate and guide the right choices.
Intellectual rigour combines with mental flexibility, creativity, and environmental awareness to give rise to durable, low environmental impact works.

MECOBAT is intentionally kept at a “human size”, with a team of 10/15 people in an informal environment that allows us to coordinate projects in-house with a continuous, direct approach. Our straightforward internal communication system puts MECOBAT at an advantage even when dealing with partners of national and international importance, and various prestigious clients and architects have placed their trust in us.



Our multidisciplinary skills across a range of areas help make our projects successful and enable us to provide appropriate, durable solutions:
Engineering & Consulting – Multidisciplinary Design – Construction Economics – BIM

Engineering & Consulting

Mecobat provides high-quality engineering solutions. Our expertise and know-how allow us to simplify complex problems. The quality of any project is the result of knowledge and mastery of a series of parameters: the input data for the project, the client’s economic and financial objectives, construction techniques, regulations, the relationships between the various stakeholders, and so on.
At MECOBAT we use our in-depth knowledge of technical, economic and regulatory aspects to make a rational and comparative exploration of potential solutions for achieving the project objectives.


Multidisciplinary Design

The key feature of MECOBAT is that we offer a comprehensive professional service covering every stage of design and construction, for all types of building and refurbishment work on properties for public, residential, tertiary or commercial use.
Integrated engineering involves a complete package of services which generally consist of: technical-economic feasibility analysis, general design (structure, heating/energy, systems, envelopes, architectural lots, fire prevention), transversal management, technical reporting, site management, post-works monitoring.

Construction economics

The cost of a project is assessed at every stage of the design process. Our bespoke estimation methods allow us to accurately predict construction costs and therefore avoid unsuccessful tenders. During the preliminary design phase, MECOBAT identifies any budget overruns and will promptly suggest the most suitable solutions to stay within budget while ensuring full compliance with the project and the overall quality of the work.
MECOBAT draws up particularly clear and exhaustive project documentation (blueprints, specifications, bills of quantities, reports), so as to provide clients with all the necessary information about the services covered in the estimate.


MECOBAT systematically develops engineering design projects based on the BIM methodology.
MECOBAT’s in-house BIM coordinator leads and supervises the BIM engineering process; all the engineers on the team take part, within the scope of their individual disciplines, in drawing up the shared central model (Thermal, Structural, MEP, Acoustic, Computational, Calculation of the carbon footprint throughout the Life Cycle).
Most of the engineering software programs we use belong to Cype’s BIM workflow and the central model is shared on the BIMServer.Center platform, which allows us to work in OpenBIM for full compatibility across the various IFCs.


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