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Guilleminot-Ouest, rue Guilleminot

Refurbishment and low energy retrofit of a 55-unit residential property

5-7, rue Guilleminot – Paris


S&V Architectures-Jean VOISIN

MECOBAT mission
Multidisciplinary engineering

Energy Performance Index
Pre-works: 400 kWh/sq. m /year
Post-works: 172 kWh/sq. m /year

Construction cost
€ 2.1 M (excl. VAT)

Surface area
5260 sq. m

Design phase

Construction phase
Project completion August 2017


Refurbishment and low energy retrofit (external thermal insulation, doors and windows, enclosing walkways, roofing) as part of the Plan Climat Ville de Paris and Grenelle (the French State environmental economics program), upgrades to the building’s systems (controlled mechanical ventilation, etc.) and security, on a real estate complex comprised of 55 housing units and 5 units for retail and non-profit use.

Sustainability criteria

  • Plan Climat de la Ville de Paris

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