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Interview with Rocco Ferreri (excerpt)

When did you set up MECOBAT?

The MECOBAT adventure began 12 years ago – a period that covers three Olympic Games. I often think about my mid/ to long-term strategy in terms of this timespan of 4-year cycles. The number 4 recurs time and again in my life and in the life of MECOBAT – the number 4, and multiples of it!

What has changed at MECOBAT in the course of these 12 years?

MECOBAT has gone from being a sole proprietor engineering consultancy, to an Engineering Firm that’s a private limited company.
That happened in 2016, 8 years after it was founded – once again, a multiple of 4!

The way we develop and coordinate our projects has changed. Before, we used to say to architects, “We’re sending you the DWG files of systems and structures, with specific, clearly identified layers”. Whereas now we say, “We’re integrating the IFC engineering files into the architectural model, the complete model is shared on the Bimserver.center platform”.

Regulations have changed too: the RT2012 standard, with RE2020 coming soon; the E+C- label (Energy +, Carbon -) and many others. We’ve integrated them all into our design processes. We’ve been awarded the OPQIBI qualification, with RGE status (Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement) for our expertise in environmentally sustainable design. We are members of BBCA, an association whose mission is to reduce the carbon footprints of buildings. These changes are the result of our consistent, determined approach, which has always been the key feature in the way we work.

What hasn’t changed ?

Right from the start I wanted to make sure that a multidisciplinary approach would be the core resource and essence of MECOBAT. Our transversal skills ensure that every project is a success: we are able to implement suitable, lasting solutions thanks to our 360° perspective (another multiple of 4…!)
That said, within a complex project we understand the importance of integrating new data, new requests into the plan, new challenges… and that circular image is appropriate. A circle contains infinite symmetries, and however many people involved or unknown elements, we can always find as many radiuses as needed to solve the equation with an analytical approach.

One gets the impression that you’re fond of equations and enigmas (laughs)

Yes, you’re right!
Let me show you some of the mathematical foundations hidden in our new logo:
• The squares: proof that the number 4 has always been with us
• 4: like the four pillars of our expertise: Structures and infrastructures, Fluids/Energy, Construction Economics, and Environment.
• The golden ratio: subtly featured in the geometric proportions, it guided the design of this new logo, as it did with previous versions.

Last but not least, I was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci for this new logo.
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, to give him his full name, was an artist, scientist, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculpture, architect, urbanist, botanist, musician, poet, philosopher and writer.
With all due modesty, I like to refer to him not only to pay tribute to my Italian origins, but also to draw parallels with the multidisciplinary nature of my work, which combines theory (concepts) and practice (engineering).

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